Long-time advocate, medical marijuana realtor, and Entrepreneur in South Eastern Pennsylvania, Peter Gustis, wanted to start a medical marijuana company in Pennsylvania and let the local community make a profit from his success. Due to the strict regulations of Medical Marijuana Laws in Pennsylvania it seemed impossible. Marijuana being federally illegal also created a major challenge.

Determined, Pete found a legal loop hole to allow any investor with $250. To legally invest in medical marijuana by being a part of the real estate holding company. 500 N 3rd St., LLC is the owners of a 125,796 square foot warehouse that is intended to be used as grow space for his company All Organic Medical Marijuana. Although there are many competitors in this industry public opinion in Pennsylvania is already shifting to increased push for full adult use recreation and Medical Marijuana programs aren’t fully available but expected to launch in spring 2018. “If we were in business today we would have the largest marijuana grow facility on the east coast.” 500 N 3rd St is in Reading Pennsylvania, a location that has already approved other medical marijuana permittees.

The City of Reading stated they are interested in the job creation, taxable income, and revenue of this new industry. Banks and Stocks Typically give a low or negative return to the investors. 500 N 3rd St loves investors and is willing to give them a better than average rate of return 3x there investment amount! We are so confident in the return amount we are securing their investment with our real estate. This significantly lowers the risk as many investments are not secured by anything tangible. If the building is sold or when lease income generated the investors start getting paid back. Here is the short link to legally investing in Medical Marijuana secured by real estate www.500n.us/4