Hey guys its a pleasure to invite you to listen and become a backer if you choose to I’m Kevin Redd CEO of Redd Hott Beatz Inc in Richmond Virginia. I really appreciate you stopping by and may God bless you abundantly. I’ve always loved music as a child and music comes from the Kingdom of Heaven for us by a awesome God. Music changes the perception of the world and takes away the heart aches of the world.

I also think along with music God teaches us to love all people, its not a such thing as no separate race only the human race were all connected through through love, spirit and and emotions. Music can make you sad sometime it depends on your situation, it can make you laugh sometime also depending on how involve yourself.

I’ve never studied music or notes or had music classes but i believe God is beyond the notes, I can’t write that I know about everything in the music field because I don’t but what i do know is running a business is 95% about making smart and right decisions in life, showing our younger generation a method of hard work and understanding, showing the world that Gods love is magnificent and he bless those who at least try.

Redd Hott Beatz Inc is a company that will remain loving to all people who love and don’t love my music, were always suppose to help someone else become better, to unite and teach everything music has to offer to someone else, to begin breaking a vicious cycle that’s portrayed in our world today, we must make everyday beautiful because music is beautiful no matter what kind of music you do it serves as a genre of music and it creates happiness all around the world. So with all this said welcome to Redd Host Beatz Inc.