This game is designed in the spirit of NCSoft’s closed MMO “City of Villains” This MMO will work the same premise, but a new direction. We will have a cast of completely different characters on masterfully crafted storylines, updated graphics, cross platform functionality, and possible VR in future updates.

Here are some facts about City of Villains:

•  The studio’s total annual operating cost was 4 million USD. They grossed 12 million in revenue annually.
•  NCSoft paid $8 million USD to buy the game. They wanted $80 million USD to sell it.
•  They had a high retention rate. Subscribers had a stick rate of 95-98%. (Reference:

Having said that, we realize our Kickstarter goal will not cover everything, but it will go far in getting the ball rolling and help us to bring you the next generation of evil villainy.

A large portion of proceeds will go towards paying the talent required to release an MMO worthy of absolute greatness and years of interaction. This includes writing, development, artistry, design, music, voice actors, production and testing. We have access to a large talent pool of aspiring people in these realms.