Pepper’s Closet has launched their crowdfunding campaign to expand the reach of their ocean literacy mission. A marine biologist dad and a ladyboss mom created Pepper’s Closet as a way to share their love of the ocean with their baby Pepper. The goal of their custom branded clothing line was simple: become aware by what we wear. Soon, the PC team grew to include people from all walks of life who shared a common love of the sea: visionaries, activists, parents and beach bums alike. Together we’re reimaging possibilities, inspiring new outcomes and challenging others to live an ocean positive life.

We hope to encourage others to get involved and recognize that every small effort helps our planet’s future, even something as simple as the clothes we wear. Our custom crafted apparel features hand-drawn designs that creatively reflect the ocean, and we pair each piece of clothing with an informational tag meant to engage and educate. We donate 10% of all net profits directly to ocean conservation, research and cleanup efforts. We’re devoted to protecting not just our planet’s big blue heart, but ourselves, our children, our communities and generations to come. Our goal is to create a movement that is as limitless and unstoppable as the ocean itself. Together, we can preserve and protect one of Earth’s greatest miracles.

We’re tirelessly championing for our planet’s greatest source of sustenance as it combats severely threatening forces. This is a movement beyond this moment. It’s a tale that never ends. Young and old, large and small…we all inherently share this common thread.

The Impact:

The magic behind Pepper’s Closet is found in those who walk alongside us. People who understand the critical state of our ocean’s health. People who are ready to do more, be more and imagine more for a better world. People like you. By contributing, you’ll help support our planet through countless imperative initiatives. By wearing, you’ll become part of a movement that seeks to inspire others to be like the ocean: strong yet peaceful, brave and pure.