Concept180, LLC celebrates the launch of Key Titan, a line of key ring organizers that silence and organize keys while providing additional tools.

Doylestown, Penn. — 9/12/2017 — Concept180, LLC, a company specializing in small, strong and useful everyday gadgets, announced today that it is raising funds through Kickstarter to complete the development of a ground-breaking line of key carabiners. The Key Titan line will offer three key organizing solutions that keep keys quiet and organized, ensuring a sleek and professional appearance along with added utility of some handy tools.

Concept180 will offer backers of the project the first chance to own a Key Titan carabiner, along with other prizes, if it reaches its goal of $3,500.

The Key Titan line will offer a choice of three different carabiners, ensuring that each person can find on to fit their needs. The three options can carry 5 to 10 keys depending on the version chosen.

The carabiners each have a built-in bottle opener, belt clip and a ratcheting ¼-inch driver, and are available in a choice of several color combinations. The medium and large options also have several key ring attachment points to hang a car key fob.

The Key Titan line builds on Concept180’s growing business, which already offers two different types of bottle openers, made of Grade 5 Titanium, including the incredibly strong penny-sized Pry.Me and the larger key-sized Brew Soldier. With each new product launch, all Kickstarter rewards and subsequently purchased bottle openers were shipped on time, if not ahead of schedule.

“A handy tool is one that assists in your life only when you need it,” Filko said. “Until that point, it should be unobtrusive and should blend in seamlessly with your everyday life.”

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