Boston, MA, Februrary 9, 2017 — Today announced the launch of their Indiegogo campaign to create and build the innovative Falcon 1 3D Printed Sport Sunglasses. By using state of the art 3D scanning and 3D printing technologies, Skelmet has solved the problem of ill-fitting sports sunglasses, providing a custom made fit.

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The Skelmet Falcon sport sunglasses will fix a problem that 93% of the population have with their sunglasses; they were made for someone else and don’t fit. The glasses will be the best our customers have ever owned for many reasons including: (1) Superior Fit and Design, Skelmet created a patented process called 3D fit technology. It’s the world’s first automatic mass customization software that can translate a 3D head scan into customized 3D printed glasses. The process analyzes 86 key points on a person’s head and creates the design off of their unique facial structure; and (2) Our 3D fit technology process allows us to create the most aerodynamic and lightest sport sunglasses on the market. Coming in at 17 grams they are 30% lighter than the comparable Oakley Flak Jacket glasses.

Using our app customers can buy a pair of custom made sunglasses in 3 easy steps on their iPhone and have their custom 3D printed sport sunglasses in their hands in a short time. Coupled with our state of the art patented anti-fogging lenses have our customers raving that the Skelmet Falcon glasses the best sunglasses they have ever owned.

Rain Wang, Co-founder and COO, says, “We are very excited about our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign and making the best sport sunglasses in the world that will help those like me who are ignored by the one-size-fits-all market.”

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Skelmet is a tech company based out of Boston, MA. Founded in 2015 by two engineers after their own aggravating search for glasses that fit. We are fixing fit problems by combining state of the art 3D scanning technologies with 3D printing to automatically measure, design, and produce custom head-worn products. Our vision is to deliver safe, comfortable wearables to each of the world’s 7.4 billion unique people.

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