Paris, France — Wopilo will launch on Tuesday May 30th 2017, on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. Wopilo is an innovative pillow that aims to improve the nights of thousands of sleepers.

The pillow is the cocoon of the head and its action is reflected on the whole spine. Despite a large amount of offers, none really succeeds in ensuring the comfort of a traditional pillow and the cervical support of an ergonomic pillow.

Wopilo will revolutionize sleepers nights’ by offering the comfort of a traditional pillow, the neck support of an ergonomic one while letting them choose their desired comfort level, firm or fluffy! The design of Wopilo is unique; it is formed by two pockets of different volumes incorporating a memory foam core that will relieve tension and promotes a good sleeping position. The pockets, of different thicknesses, allow sleepers to choose their comfort, firm or fluffy, by positioning on one face or the other.

Antoine Aubert, Osteopath in Paris: “Wopilo is a revolution in the world of pillows and more generally of sleep. In addition to being a very comfortable pillow for the majority of sleepers, it can decrease the symptoms of many dorsal and cervical diseases”

Wopilo is produced in France by hand, in a workshop that supplies luxury hotels, and respects strict ethical and environmental charters.

Kickstarter campaign sales price (approx.): early beds between 55$ & 65$, then 75$. Learn more on

About Wopilo

Wopilo is the story of Antoine, 32 a fan of comfort, and Thomas, 32, a poor sleeper who was regularly afflicted with morning neck pain. He found himself constantly folding traditional pillows, which resulted in a sore neck, and he simply could not sleep on the ergonomic ones.

“Pillows are associated with comfort, yet paradoxically, they are the reason behind so many different aches and pains, especially for the neck. We developed Wopilo because we personally needed a solution to sleep better.”

Contact Information:

Antoine Puechbroussou
Phone: 00 33 6 22 91 48 05

Thomas Hervet
Phone: 00 33 6 60 98 61 25