Stadeon will be the first to transport gamers into virtual space without a headset.

Los Angeles, CA — A new element to the world of virtual reality (VR) was introduced today as Eymerce, LLC. launched a Kickstarter campaign for Stadeon™ – a revolutionary display format for VR. Stadeon aims to be the first imaging format that transports gamers into an elevated reality– without a headset. People can back the initiative by visiting the Kickstarter page at

The team at Eymerce set out with the goal to create a deeply immersive elevated reality experience without the need for a head mounted display. The product, Stadeon, is a six-feet high 210-degree wrap-around LED screen. Stadeon transports the player into a fully dimensional VR world of sound and high-resolution 3D imagery with a lightweight pair of active glasses. A world-renowned feature film Production Designer attested to the screen’s spectral radiance, claiming he has “never seen anything remotely close to this…it’s real.”

“For your whole life, you’ve looked at games on a rectangular screen”, explains Co-Founder Richard Taylor. “In VR, you look through a window at a world around you. Now, we’re eliminating that restrictive window so you can see the entire world that surrounds you.”

“For the first time in history, you’re going to have gaming in your peripheral vision!” says Co-Founder Mark Lowe.

The first application of the Stadeon unit will be Stadeon gaming venues in major cities across the world where gamers can play in a social environment. However, that’s just the beginning. “Beyond gaming, we know the extraordinary impact our technology will have on entertainment, medicine, education, the military and beyond. It can teleport us all to worlds where fantasy becomes virtual and real!” states Richard Taylor.

Backer pledges to the Stadeon Kickstarter campaign start at $25. Pledge rewards include exclusive lifetime rights to play at Stadeon gaming venues, game development opportunities and more.

About Eymerce, LLC

Eymerce is an Immersive Reality (IR) content and screen design company founded by Richard Taylor and Mark Lowe. The Eymerce team has been working for decades to develop techniques in generating both virtual reality content and formats that will bring the best possible experiences to audiences.

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