This campaign aims to provide an opportunity, for nature lovers and those who like an active holiday, to enjoy inland beauty of Croatia. I want to encourage the development of tourism in this rural area of Croatia. The best way is in the saddle, horse or e-bike. Why? Come and see!!! Enjoy riding safe and beautiful horses, relax on an e-bike. Discover unknown landscapes ride your horse in the river, swim, cycle, canoeing,……… relax in the sun!

Rural Village Resort
Today, make plans for your holiday!

Hi! My name is Edo. I live in Karlovac, Croatia (Europe). A small town southwest of the capital Zagreb. For as long as I remember I have loved horses and riding them. As a teenager I was involved in show jumping now I mostly enjoy riding along the paths and swimming with horses in the crystal clear rivers enjoying Croatia’s beautiful scenery. I’m also a keen cyclist.

During the summer I work as horse riding tourist guide in the area around Plitvice Lakes and waterfalls in the national park.

The foundation of this business is based on the fact that rural inland tourism in Croatia is continuously growing year on year. A good example of this growing market is the small town of Rakovica (near the national park where Plitvice lakes and waterfalls are situated), now in the peak season it’s almost impossible to find a free apartment. There is a huge demand from tourists for active holiday, rural houses and camps along the river.

Every summer working part-time as a guide taking tourists on these riding tours I notice the increase in tourists wanting active holiday.

What do I want to achieve?

I want to build a small “Rural Village Resort”! It will be a place for people who want to come on holiday in the rural environment. Rural Village Resort will consist of several wooden houses, and a few glamping tents all for the purpose of holiday let’s.

I’ve started this campaign to raise the money and I would love you to become involved and share this opportunity.

The funds raised will be used to buy land, build a wooden house with three apartments, purchase and build luxury glamping tents (also called safari tents); buy horses and build stabling for them and to purchase e-bikes so we can take tourists out by horse or bike to enjoy all the beautiful countryside and rivers Croatia has to offer. These tours can be as little as a day or of course multiple days.

Why horses and e-bike? There are two reasons. Some people are afraid of horses. Sitting on a horse for them is very scary. Because of that I want to allow for them almost the same adventurous experience. Equally you can enjoy both activities. The second reason is the fact that more and more people love to enjoy riding a bike, especially e-bike!

Why crowd funding?

I decided on this option of collecting the money as in my opinion this method of starting this project allows you to enjoy these holidays as much as me! I love nature, horse riding, cycling and the feeling of freedom. And I thought “Why not try to turn that into a small business?” And you can for a relatively small investment enjoy this to the fullest too.

I imagined the whole project will be realized in three crowd founding campaigns. To succeed all my campaigns needs to raise a flexible sum, ideally this would be around $700,000.

In first campaign (part One) want to collect $200.000. The money will be used to purchase land, as mentioned before, renovate the existing house (already located on the land) and divide into two apartments for guests, and stabling for 12 to 15 horses. In second campaign I’ll raise the money for construct a glamping/safari tents, buying horses and riding equipment and buying 8-10 e-bikes (pedalec e-bike). The third raise will be for build up few wooden houses and the pool.

For the sponsors of the project I’m offering some great incentives! Stay on the farm with lifetime discount, and free horse riding and or ride an e-bike……! You just need to come on holiday in Croatia. The rewards for your backing of the project are two fold. Initially tangible, like cycling or riding equipment, and subsequently you will receive a voucher with lifetime discount! The discount covers you and you can use it alone, as a couple or even with a group of friends.

For example, choose a perk Happy group of friends for $ 300, divide the cost of perk with friends and get together on holidays at my rural village resort in Croatia.

When I collect the money, I’ll need a minimum of one to two years to complete the project. As I’m sure you’ll understand it will take time to build the wooden houses, stables etc. So of course your vouchers will become useable immediately the project is completed!

For more detailed information please don’t hesitate to contact me initially by email:

This is an exciting project in one of the most beautiful and interesting rural destinations with so much potential. I send you my greetings and I look forward to seeing you here in Croatia!

And do not forget: Today, make plans for your holiday!!!