Has your life been turned upside down as a result of a health issue? So, you may be able to help us and we may be able to help you. Grace Approved raises funds through its crowdfunding project, Grace Grants, which it then disperses to folks who’ve had their lives and finances disrupted by sickness with $1,000 – $5,000 gifts.

In addition to providing no-strings-attached grants to help those who’ve encountered financial hardship due to health problems, Grace Grants is a grassroots project aimed at legislative reform of the doctor-patient relationship (blogs.webmd.com).

Grace is defined as a blessing or kindness and sharing a blessing or kindness with folks who’ve undergone hardship due to health issues and medical expenses is precisely the mission of Grace Approved. It is based on a belief in human kindness and kinship, along with a conviction that small donations can transform the world. For example, if just one million people shared $1 it would provide $1,000 to one thousand people, which is the initial objective.

For more information about Grace Grants, please visit www.plumfund.com. To apply for a grant, please send a brief letter, along with verification such as a document showing a diagnosis or a medical bill, etc. to sharon@graceapprovedgrants.com (please expunge any personal information such as SS#, account information, etc). A response will be sent as soon as possible to each contact and funds will be dispersed promptly, as they are received. Updates will be available on this site and full accountability is assured.

Grace Grants is really about people helping people and we encourage everyone who’s been through a difficult time in their own life to consider sharing a small gift. Ordinary folks with open hearts and outreached hands can transform the world.

Again, for more information, or to learn how to apply for a grant, please visit graceapprovedgrants.com.

  • Jamie Bateman

    So a co worker of mine lost her mother to cancer 3 years ago now her sister was just diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer which has recently spread to her bones liver and most recently her brain. I started a go fund me page to help raise money for a round trip ticket for her and her son for what could possibly be her last visit, she was given 6 months to live. My problem is I’m trying to surprise her there for I can’t post to Facebook cause we are friends with all the same people so it’s really hard to get the word out there for donations. So I found this site in hopes that someone could help with donations even 5 dollars would be a big help .