Savannah, GA — Fashion accessory startup, Argos Company, just announced a campaign for their newest product, and it’s nothing new. In fact, Argos focuses on perfecting items, and this time it’s the tote bag. Just launched on Kickstarter, The Suit Tote is a durable, yet elegant, tote bag. The Argos Company created it looking to separate themselves from the rest of the accessory world through their bold look, critical outlook on fast fashion, and selling a luxury bag at an affordable price tag.

Argos Company created their tote bag to fill the needs of the modern workplace. A bag that was not only functional and sleek, but would also fit in amongst a world of wool suits and leather shoes. The Suit Tote uses Super 110 Italian suiting, Bemberg rayon, a ripstop nylon foundation and Veg-tanned Italian leather. Argos designed the bag to be thinner than wider, so when it’s held over the shoulder, the bag remains fully in your control at all times. In a world of electronics, the Suit Tote is wide enough for a 13-inch laptop, or tall enough for a 15-inch laptop, with a wide pocket to keep your accessories separate.

The Suit Tote boasts a number of features that are designed to keep the bag functional years from now.

• A triple reinforced inner pocket, attached to the ripstop nylon foundation of the bag. Gone are the days tattered pockets.
• Designed without a bottom seam to allow the wearer to drop any number of hard-edged objects without fear of the bottom failing.
• Leather reinforced bottom to ensure the suiting will never wear thin on the parts of a bag most abused.

“Fashion and quality may be separate things, but elegance and quality shouldn’t be,” founder, Nathaniel Mellor said. “We wanted to create something that expressed how we felt, and I believe we have.”

Contact Information:

Nathaniel Mellor
Phone: (912)272-5177
Address: 212 E 66th St, Savannah, GA 31405