A novel kickstarter project that 100% funded in 9 hours allows RPG games to be played anywhere at any time. For decades Dungeons & Dragons and other role playing games have been confined to a tabletop covered in pizza boxes and miniatures of beholders, but all this has changed. They’ve just been set free.

Be warned, from the product launch date geeks are no longer confined to sitting around tables in basements. They could be rolling D20s in public. Take extra precautions.

from shapeofthings via /r/rpg sent
I’ve seen a lot of shit on KickStarter. This is good though!!! Best of luck!

UndertakerSheep via /r/rpg sent
An inventive D&D product that makes a tangible contribution to the comfort and quality of a session, and it’s in A4 size?? Sign me up!

from Decabowl via /r/rpg sent
Congrats on hitting your goal. They look pretty sweet.

from BurnitalldownSon via /r/DnD sent
Well you have a genuinely good idea, and those don’t come around every day!

from GilliamtheButcher via /r/rpg sent
Very cool idea!

from Calmlike_a_Bomb via /r/rpg sent
Bravo! I really like the simplicity of your design and hope this gets more recognition.

from damnitsasha via /r/DnD sent
This is very cool! I’m going to send the kickstarter link to my old DM in my hometown. I also greatly appreciate the left-handed option.

from AtlasDM via /r/rpg sent
By far one of the coolest ideas I’ve seen. My current game is a “couch game” and having a SF charactable would be so useful. I wish you the best, you deserve it!

For the kickstarter details search CharacTable on kickstarter. Happy to send out items for review on youtube channels. For more info contact Matt in the UK on +44 (0) 7812 989 091 or matnoo@hotmail.com

Contact: Matthew New
+44 (0) 7812 989 091