Raids is an immersive storytelling role playing game. I use that description because the focus should be on the stories that the players are creating, with the rules acting as a framework and a guide, rather than constricting them. That’s not to say that Raids won’t offer a challenge for veteran gamers- the base setting is a dark fantasy world, where you’ll need to think carefully about your actions or else you’ll find it very challenging.

There are no character levels, instead as you use skills and abilities to progress the story, you will level up your abilities. There are no classes: you can be whoever you want to be. The game won’t punish you if nobody wants to play a healer type character, and you won’t feel like you’re doing a disservice to your team. The combat system involves actively rolling to block attacks, making you feel more involved even on the enemy turn. In fact with chase sequences and reaction rolls, you’ll feel like you’re in the driving seat of an action movie. But one of the biggest differences is that you can play this game with one player.

Sometimes you want to dive into a tabletop RPG, but for whatever reason, you can’t muster a party. Raids is there for you in that respect. All published adventures will be made available for multiplayer use, and single player use (with or without someone to run the game). There will also be a way to randomly generate dungeons and adventures, so you always have a new story to play.

The initial setting for Raids is a dark fantasy world called Novathe. There are gods of light and living shadow, warring on a young world. Future adventures will take place in this setting. Of course, this doesn’t have to be your game’s world. There will be templates and conversion notes to turn it into a more traditional fantasy setting, or even something a bit more historical.

The main goal of the fundraising is getting enough to fund a print run of the book, finish the artwork and to create the exclusive dice as a bonus for the backers who want them. The rules will also be made available as a PDF for those who prefer it, but without your help we won’t be able to put the physical book in people’s hands. Everything you need to play the game is included in one book. We did this to lower the price and to make the game as accessible as possible for players.