The world first Tabletop Real Time Strategy Wargame (TRTSW) is coming to Kickstarter in 3D printable format, from Nov 13th to Dec 17th, 2017.

Coming from nowhere, to launch with a bang!

War Gaming Studio, a small crew from Quebec City, Quebec, Canada, devised in secret a brand-new genre of tabletop wargame. Not content of bringing just another new game to the market, All our War: Battleground innovates on three key aspects: a new wargaming system, a new way to play tabletop wargames and a new way to digitally distribute a tabletop wargame with the magic of 3D printing.

It’s like Warcraft meets Warhammer. All out War: Battleground (AoWB1) bring the popular RTS video game genre to the tabletop. In this game, you send workers to harvest resources you use to build your base and recruit your army. Contrary to other tabletop wargames, list-building is done during the game and reacting to what the enemy is recruiting is a key part of your strategy. No need to place objective markers either since you MUST capture and retain lands to generate resources.

Each new building you add to your base unlocks new options for your army. From weapons and armour to mounts, gunpowder, war machines, officers or eventually magic, the choice you make will dictate the army you are able to field.

The team purposely chose to stay with the classic fantasy races of Orcs, Goblins, Dwarves, Elves and other Tolkin-esque creatures. Yet, being French-Canadians, they decided to move away from the classic European, “Old World” settings and bring all these folks to a New World, in an all original fantasy universe set in a colonial atmosphere.

The first game comes with the classic orcs vs humans matchup. A second game, pitting wood elves against steampunk dwarves, is planned right after. If successful, the team plan to release many new factions in pairs, as part of autonomous game modules such is this first one.

The All out War system

All out War: Battleground is the first game in a planed series, all using the All out War universal wargaming system. First drafted in 1996 (!), the team really pushed development in the past 3 years to device a system that could be used to play both historical or fantasy battle, ranging from Leonidas to Napoleon, and bringing back the fun of rank and file units in the fantasy genre.

All out War is a modular system made of a slim core ruleset and a plethora of advanced rules, all optional. Everything, from over 100 pieces of equipment to various mounts and beats, war machines of all kinds, a dozen different formation and over 40 tactics, for all time periods, are covered. The game also incorporates siege mechanics and even RPG-like characters who can gain experience points during the game.

All out War offer three real ways to play: Battlelines, putting armies one against another like most other wargames do, Arena, a dungeon crawling adventure mode and Battleground, which the current game is about.

A 3D printed wargame, at last

Many have forecasted that 3D printing your own army of miniatures is the future of wargames. Yet, no big company seems willing to forfeit their profit margins.

War Gaming Studio forged a special partnership with Printable Scenery, a company based in New-Zealand specialised in designing 3D printable scenery for wargames, that has already made a name for itself with its clever

Rampage System tile design.

Printable Scenery will be in charge of designing 14 world-class building for your orc or human bases while War Gaming Studio will design all the necessary 3D printed accessories and miniatures to make a truly unique game.

“It made sense to bring 3D printing with this RTS-style game. The buildings you need to play this kind of game would cost you a few hundred of dollars, in classic Games Workshop prices. And then you need an army of miniatures.” said Mathieu Marchand, chief designer of the game.

The first edition of the game will be 100% downloadable and printable. No shipping involved. “It’s green, and the wood elves prefer it”, claims Mr. Marchand.

Kickstarter Campaign
The game will be proposed on Kickstarter from November 13th to December 17th. You will have the choice between the “Rules only” pledge, for those without a 3D printer that want to play with proxy miniatures, and the All-out Pledge with all 3D printed elements of the game, including incredible pieces of scenery and3D printable miniatures.
“We test-played for 2 years using old Warhammer Fantasy miniatures, so it’s perfectly playable with the Just the Rules pledge if you don’t have access to a 3D printer. It’s a very good system and I’d like as much people as possible to try it! Down the line you’ll make the maths and see buying a printer makes sense.’’ said Mr. Marchand.

All stretch goals are associated with a new building to unlock, which in turn unlocks new rules in the rulebook, new options in form of cards and new miniatures as well as some 3D printable accessories.

If you are interested in knowing more or fill a request for review material, please contact War Gaming Studio at