A lot of people have come forward trying to do wooden board games. Ultimately, a lot of them fail, or stop their project(s) for one reason or another. Myself, personally, from researching what I could, found that a lot of these projects put a lot of time into their first, initial project, then expected the next one to sell itself without much effort put into art design. That is not our plan. At all. Our plan is to make an amazing and beautiful product every time, and let the artwork, time and effort, show for itself rather than 1 successful Kickstarter. I also love designing. If I could simply design board games for the rest of my life, that would be awesome. If I can only do it in my free time while working a real adult job, that would be awesome (albeit a bit slower). We even want to get into making our own board games, and helping others bring their board games to life.

More importantly, my father and I started a business called Thinking Monk Studios. This is the base of operations for everything that will be made in the future, be-it board games, or a wooden bench (I don’t think we are actually going to make wooden benches). We are committed to quality above anything else. We don’t want to use cheap/ poorly made anything. Which means that the products we are giving to you, are of the finest quality, and will last a lifetime. Everything is tested meticulously to ensure that every single piece meets that quality.

We are also the manufacturers of our company. That means we are not relying on a 3rd party to do anything for us. From start to finish, it is in our hands, up until the point it’s in your’s. You will receive a product that has been given much love and attention, to ensure that when it leaves our hands and goes into yours, you are receiving a treasure.

We have started with a Catan board. This is just our first project, however, so if it’s not your thing, don’t fret! After this, we will be announcing 3 more games that we will be designing for our next project! That also means that you get to help us decide which game(s) we are going to make. And yes, they will be made from solid wood, with a one-of-a-kind work of art crafted into each one.