Crowd-speaking is one of the newest ways to expand your social media reach. When people support your crowdspeaking campaign, they agree to have a message sent out to their social network (twitter, facebook, etc) at a specific time. This increases the chances that your message, link, or hashtag will go viral.

Thunderclap is the first of these services, launched in May 2012 by De-De, a product development studio. Since it began Thunderclap has been creating some waves, or as Jeff Bercovici put it in a Forbes article:

“The campaign culminates in an explosion of simultaneous tweets big enough to send a ripple across Twitter’s 140 million-strong user base — a ‘disturbance in the Force.'”

This ‘disturbance’ briefly resulted in the service being temporarily shut down by Twitter just after launch, who claimed that Thunderclap was interfering with their own paid business services. Thunderclap decided to experiment with expanding their service to include Facebook, and the Twitter ban was lifted not long after.

Thunderclap has now been getting some competition from HeadTalker, which launched in July 2014. HeadTalker is a new crowd-speaking site powered by crowdfunding platform HeadFunder. It has already seen millions in social reach and could be the first successful alternative to Thunderclap.

As a creator or team behind a crowdfunding project, it can be hard to have your voice heard amidst the high volume of content on social media sites. Crowdspeaking is a useful way to get around that obstacle by asking people’s permission to repost content on your behalf.

When you reach your goal number of supporters, each of these people automatically post your message on their social media pages. This can cause your campaign to become a trending topic, rather than having your message quickly get overshadowed by the next interesting thing.

Now that we’ve had a chance to learn a little bit about both sites, I will briefly compare both of them:


Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 5.36.35 PM

Thunderclap has had a lot of success in the couple of years since it launched, and boasts a number of high profile clients, including The White House, Levi’s, Durex, Mozilla, and The United Nations. There is a case studies section on their website that shows information and statistics on highly impactful campaigns.

One of these is a campaign by The March for Innovation, which ended in May. The message, “#iMarch for Innovation. Tell Congress we need smart #immigration reform. Attract & keep talent in USA” had a social reach of 45,741,712, including Barack Obama and The White House.

In a previous CrowdCrux post, 10 Tips for Promoting Your Thunderclap (w/ Analytics), Salvador Briggman shares his experience using Thunderclap to get support for their Crowdfunding 101 Guide (Free): “I’m happy to announce that we were successful. In the span of 8 days we attracted the social support of 101 awesome individuals, putting us at 101% supported and having a social reach of 238,021 people.”

Check out the rest of the post for useful tips on how to maximize the effectiveness of your Thunderclap campaign, or see How to use Thunderclap to increase social media traffic for a more basic explanation of the platform.

Price: There is a free option, and paid services ranging from $45 to $500

Platforms: Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and YouTube (You can also invite people by email or your from website/blog)


– Thunderclap has a Getting Started guide that gives tips and advice to users

– Paid services include many features: flexible end date, expedited approval, campaign updates, customizable campaign page, embeddable video, full list of supporters, custom goal, campaign analytics, embeddable Thunderclap button, custom invite message, export supporter list + emails.


Free campaigns can take up to 3 days for approval and are much more limited



HeadTalker’s connection with HeadFunder automatically seems to have made it a go-to for people in the crowdfunding industry. By browsing their home page you can see that some campaigns have seen social reach from 300,000 to several million users. According to a recent post, “HeadTalker … reached over 60 million social reach total within [its] first month.”

While HeadTalker does not seem to have the same high profile users as Thunderclap, it works in a similar way and is definitely a viable option for users who want access to the same tools as Thunderclap without having to pay for the more expensive service.

Price: Free!

Platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn. The company encourages you to use YouTube, Google+, Quirky, Pinterest, and AngelList to network with individuals and get them to support your campaign.


– HeadTalker allows you to change your end date free of charge.

– HeadTalker Academy gives users advice on how to have a successful campaign.

– Campaign approval within 24 hours.

– Offers the same features as Thunderclap for free.


– It is a newer service, and it hasn’t had as much time to prove its success.


Overall, Thunderclap and HeadTalker seem to be pretty well matched. Even though Thunderclap has been around longer, has seen much more social reach, and has more prestigious users, HeadTalker is a very viable option for smaller users who want extra features without having to pay for them. Since Thunderclap has not had any real competition before HeadTalker, the new service is seeing fast success and it’s free model and connection to the crowdfunding industry is bound to help it gain quick support.

Please share any experiences you’ve had using these services, and feel free to leave any questions or comments below!

About the author

krystineKrystine Therriault is the community manager for CrowdCrux and has helped creators with their crowdfunding projects on She loves learning about new trending projects and dissecting them to bring new tips and information to creators. You can find her on LinkedIn here or Twitter here.



  • John Caspers

    HeadTalker is better! I have used them both. 3 days for a thunderclap approval and then having to pay 45$ to have a background is nonsense. The worst part is that my Thunderclap failed because it had only 83 supporters and the minimum is 100. With HeadTalker there is no minimum. You choose what number you want to hit. The approvals are super quick. Mine was approved in two hours. I also didn’t have to pay 45$ for a background. Just my 2 cents.

    • Krystine Therriault

      Sounds great! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  • Veronica Sweet

    Great article Krystine! I love using HeadTalker to promote my friends’ new books! There is a little confusion it looks like though. HeadTalker campaigns can only be supported by LinkedIn, Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook accounts.

    You can use platforms like Youtube, Google +, Pinterest, Quriky, or Angelist to talk with people to get them to join your campaign.

    • Justin Estrada

      Thanks for clearing that up Veronica. So I didn’t have too 🙂 You Rock

      • John Caspers

        haha I was wondering the same thing.

    • Krystine Therriault

      Thanks, and sounds cool! I’m happy you cleared that up too – they were all listed together on HeadTalker’s website and I wasn’t sure.

  • John Caspers

    I forgot to mention HeadTalker rocks because they gave me 300,000 social reach for free vs thunderclap who gave me 0 and woud not join my campaign!

  • Nolan Thompson

    Thank you Krystine for featuring HeadTalker in your article! We are trying our best to give people free tools to help promote their message. Many campaigns on our platform have had success and it is just the beginning of what is to come. Crowdspeaking with HeadTalker is a great tool to help promote your crowdfunding campaign, too! I feel crowdspeaking and crowdfunding go hand in hand.

    • John Caspers

      This guy is legend ^ He took the time out of his day to give me tips on how to have a successful campaign.

    • Krystine Therriault

      You’re welcome, it seems like a great platform and it was fun to learn about and compare the two! 🙂

  • electorateme

    Vanity metrics; I thought we had moved beyond those.

    • Veronica Sweet

      Which part of the metrics are being manipulated and by who? Your statement is vague… Please elaborate. I just don’t see your point if someone has a goal of 50 or 100 supporters they want to reach for their message to go off and they hit that goal by getting real people to add their support and have the message share through their social media accounts to their followers, that the numbers are artificially manipulated. Plus the service is 100% free to use unless you want additional features in Thunderclap’s case. Crowdspeaking is word of mouth marketing for the 21st century. Whether it be for a cause, business, or you just want to say happy birthday to one of your friends, crowdspeaking is a free social networking tool that has the potential to take your message viral.

  • jameskelly99

    THE BEST THINGS IN LIFE ARE FREE! HeadTalker > Thunderclap. This article is basically like asking if you want to pay for food or get it for free? I don’t see much comparisons. I just took a deep look at both the sites. Not only does HeadTalker look way better but its also 100% free according to their pricing page.

  • Jackie S

    Yeah free is better haha 🙂 Go HeadTalker!

  • I loved use Thunderclap to launch my french product so I decided to make my own: Let me introduce the 1st french crowdspeaking platform : !

    Nolan you are right, crowdspeaking and crowdfunding go hand in hand.

    • Steven Hill

      That doesn’t even make sense and the link you posted is a virus says my anti-virus. I got a big fat warning when I went to your site. Get outta here you troll.

      • Hey Steven, I’m not a troll ! I am an entrepreneur, my name is Morgan and I come from France !

        My english is very bad and my website is working well.

        My link is not a virus ! This is a french crowdspeaking platform !

        Let’s have a look on my social networks : @wibuzzit /

        I don’t know why you got a big warning ! Sorry !

  • Ferdi Bayrak
  • The better one is whoever promotes your project rather than you sending to only those whom you know.

  • Hi there! We’re a new kid on the block.
    Just give us a try, that’s all we ask.

    • Euniece Dunning

      I have used all three platforms. They each have their own value. I promote often and I find some will only use Thunderclap because government agencies have used it in the past. If I have a company with low social media count I use HeadTalker because they add their social influence. I recently started using Daycause because their founder is down to earth. I continue to use it becuase the product is easy to manipulate and the approval is instant.