Creating a killer video is a crucial step towards a successful crowdfunding campaign. A high quality and interesting video makes a project look more professional and makes people want to stay on your page longer, rather than clicking off to check out a Facebook post or YouTube video. Below, we’ve compiled a few tips and resources to help you make a great video that is fast, affordable, and easy to use.

Free Video Editing Software

Video editing software makes it easy to create a professional pitch. Most programs are simple enough for inexperienced users to learn, and advanced options are available for those who are more experienced. Here are a few video editing programs that I recommend trying out.

Lightworks – This is a good free video editing tool if you are going after control. This advanced software takes a while to get used to, but its features, effects and smart trimming tools are so great, “the program has regularly been used to help produce top Hollywood movies such as Mission Impossible and Batman.”

iMovie – Great if you have a mac and relatively easy to get started. Check out this guide put out by Apple if you need help familiarizing yourself with the software.

Kate’s Video Toolkit – Good if you don’t have a lot of complex editing to do and don’t want to spend a lot of time learning how it works. Kate’s Video Toolkit comes with a file format conversion tool, allows you to trim and join videos as well as add a soundtrack.  

Windows Movie Maker – Easy to use and supports most file formats. Adding special effects, transitions, sound tracks, credits, etc. is simple. There are other functions like trimming clips, and you can save the file when you’re done or want to publish it to a website (like YouTube or Facebook).

Avidemux – This is a small open source video editor that allows you to apply a lot of useful filters such as removing noise, adding a logo, and changing brightness. Avidemux offers many fine-tuning options but takes a bit longer to learn.

VSDC Free Video Editor – This is a non-linear video editor that may take more effort to learn but has a lot of useful features: drawing and selection tools, sound effects, color and lighting correctors, etc. You can also optimize your video for mobile devices.

Sites for Stock Videos 

Using stock videos can save you time and money. Instead of shooting your own video (especially if you don’t have the equipment or expertise), there is a wide variety of stock videos online – just remember to credit your sources when necessary. Here are a few sites for stock videos that I recommend checking out.

Shutterstock – Easy to use and has a large amount of stock videos to choose from. It is affordable, with prices based on video resolution.

Pond5 – “Open marketplace for buyers and sellers of royalty-free clips in all categories.” Users can upload and price their own videos so there are many high quality videos at affordable prices, starting from $5. It has a simple system for previewing videos.

Fotosearch – “The company sells royalty-free and rights-managed photography, illustrations, video footage, clipart, and audio clips.” This site offers rights managed and royalty free stock video.

Videohive – Allows users to upload and price their own content. It offers a large amount of footage, allowing you to choose between a regular license (for videos that aren’t for sale) and an extended one (that allows you to sell the product after).

Royalty Free Music Sites

Another way to spice up your crowdfunding videos is to include music. Many websites offer royalty free music in a variety of genres. Here are several royalty-free music sites we recommend!

Incompetech – Offers a wide range of royalty free music. The site categorizes music by both genre and feel, making it easy to find what you need. All they ask is that you credit the site in your video.

Free Soundtrack Music – Royalty free music (and paid options) that can be easily downloaded for use in any type of video, film, or game.

ccMixter – A music site that offers soundtracks under the Creative Commons License. Some music may require that you credit them in your video. The site allows you to listen, sample, and mix music.

You can also consider approaching users on SoundCloud or BandCamp to see if they would be willing to let you use their songs in exchange for a credit or mention.

Sites for Stock Photos 

Another way you can save time putting together your crowdfunding video is to get professional quality images from stock photo sites.

Pixabay – Free stock photos! We use these photos for a lot of our blog posts on CrowdCrux, a blog about crowdfunding.

FreeImages – The “Leading Source of Free Stock Photos.”

Veer – Offers millions of images including royalty-free stock photos and fonts. It also has a design and creative focused community, allowing you to interact with like-minded people.

For a comprehensive list of free stock photo sites, I recommend checking out this post on the Buffer blog.

Where to Hire an Actor

Hiring a voice or video actor doesn’t have to be expensive! If you’re on a shoestring budget, you can consider, Fiverr, which offfers a wide range of affordable business services. Some of these include graphics and design, writing and translation, video and animation, advertising, etc. In the Commercials section you can find many specialized options for as little as $5, with examples like, “I will create a promotional video featuring twins!” and “I will create a 60 seconds High Quality Explainer Video in HD for $5”.

You can also try the Craigslist jobs section in your local area to find a cheap video presenter or voice-over actor.


Taking the time to make a good video for your crowdfunding project can make a big difference when it comes to getting the attention of potential backers. If you’d like us to set you up with a consultant that can get a video crew on-location, shoot us an email at

For further reading, see 5 Kickstarter Video Mistakes to Avoid, for some common errors made in videos for crowdfunding projects.

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