In previous posts we’ve talked about the importance of including a video on your crowdfunding page. If you have a tight budget for your campaign, you may have been thinking of skipping that step. Before you do, consider this little tidbit of information from Kickstarter:

“Projects with videos succeeded at a rate of 50%, and projects without videos succeeded at a rate of 30%.”

In light of that statistic, why not throw together a short video and increase your chances of success by 20%? This post will give you all of the advice and tools you need to make a great video on a budget.

1. Keep It Short

video makingYou should definitely take advantage of people’s short attention spans when planning and filming your crowdfunding pitch video.

You really only have about ten seconds to get your audience’s attention before they move on to another part of your page or move on all together.

Once you have their attention, all you need is a couple of minutes of impactful, well-edited video to get your point across. Don’t devote more money and resources than you need to on a 10-minute video that no one will watch until the end.

2. Focus on Good Audio Quality

One thing that often stands out when it comes to cheaply made crowdfunding videos is bad audio. Barely making out creator’s words or music that is playing too loudly when the creator is speaking in a voice over can really ruin the video’s vibe. Some ways that you can fix these audio issues include buying an affordable USB microphone (even something small like this microphone can do the trick).

Remember to do a test run when you start filming. Transfer what you have onto your computer and listen to it for any audio issues. You can also use Audacity, software used by a lot of podcasters that lets you record and edit audio for free.

3. Shoot Near a Window

If you’re new to filming videos and tend to have trouble finding the right lighting, here is a great free tip that doesn’t involve any special equipment. Just film your video outside or near a window. Not directly in front of one, because that will cause a glare, but so that the light diffuses on you nicely. This will give you clean, natural lighting to work with and your video won’t turn out looking dark and gloomy.

When you do your test run make sure you don’t just listen for audio but also look for things like lighting issues and anything else you want to adjust before you continue.

4. Use a Good Camera

I’m sure many people have used smartphone cameras to film crowdfunding videos, since most of them have pretty good resolution these days. You can use your phone, but I suggest you use a tripod or some other way to stabilize it when you are shooting.

If you’re aiming for something a little more professional, you do have other options. If you don’t have your own professional camera, you could rent one or borrow one from a friend. Again, use a tripod for a steady shot if possible.

5. Find Good/Affordable Editing Software

Editing your crowdfunding video is a must. Your first take is never perfect, and a bit of editing can really go a long way. Choosing the right software option for your project depends on your skill level, budget, and how professional you want your video to look.

You could go with something as simple like the free iMovie app for Apple products, or AVS Video Editor if you are looking to pay a little bit for more features.

6. Ask Friends to Come Watch You Shoot

You don’t have to spend a ton of money hiring people to produce and edit your crowdfunding video. All you need is a couple of friends or family members willing to give you their honest opinions! Have a few of these people come over on the day that you are filming. As you film, you can ask them for their opinions and encourage them to share anything that they think would improve your video.

Just having some fresh eyes on set can save you some time if they notice things that you and your team might miss. Try not to take any constructive criticism personally.

7. Go for Impact Over Production

Most of these tips have been ways that you can increase the quality of your pitch video without spending a lot of money. One thing you should keep in mind is that even professional, high budget videos can fail to move an audience. While these small tips can help you avoid some basic video faux pas, a lot of your attention should be on the impact that you want your video to have on its viewers.

How can you make your video relevant, funny, memorable? Those are the things that will ultimately convince someone to back you.

8. Plan Ahead

On a final note, take the time to plan out your video carefully. Knowing what you need to say and do ahead of time can make the process go much more smoothly, but stay open to making changes if needed.


If you were planning on launching a crowdfunding campaign without a video, I hope this post has convinced you otherwise. Many types of videos can be found on crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, some better than others. To produce a good quality video, choose a solution that suits your goal and learn how to do it well. Here are some more resources you can draw on.

If you have a very high funding goal, it might be a good idea to invest a little bit in more professional looking video. If you’re an entrepreneur or family just starting out with an idea, it is totally acceptable to go for free or more easily available options. Just keep in mind these tips on audio, lighting, length, impact, and planning to create a video that your backers will love!

Feel free to leave any questions or comments below!

the author

Krystine Therriault is the community manager for CrowdCrux and has helped creators with their crowdfunding projects on She loves learning about new trending projects and dissecting them to bring new tips and information to creators. You can find her on LinkedIn here or Twitter here.