Thanks for your support so far! We truly appreciate your help in creating our vision for premium and secure clutches. We couldn’t do it without you.

WHey Kickstarter!

We started working on this project last year with the goal to create premium, durable and secure clutches for every woman.

Currently, over 90% of the leather used in the clutch market is chrome-tanned – which is highly toxic. Plus, with the advancement of contactless card reader technology, credit card information is at a high risk of being stolen from cards in current clutches.

Here at Pockey, we have come up with an innovative solution by offering clutches handcrafted from eco-friendly “Vegetable tanned Full Grain leather”, sourced from Tuscany, Italy. To produce Our premium leather, it takes 40 days and skilled craftsmanship compared to just a day for machine made chrome- tanned leather. A distinctive pattern is infused through a hand-tanning process which creates a unique gradient impression on each clutch, making each one of them unique.
We think that you should never have to feel unsafe carrying your credit cards.
That’s why Pockey comes with a built-in Smart RFID Blocker to protect against the unauthorized scanning of cards.

Pockey comes in 8 vibrant colours and 3 different materials:

Avant-Garde’s Cardinal, Misty, Opaque and Navie are made from the rarest and most expensive grade of vegetable tanned leather available.

Sassy’s Camela and Nebula are made from “Full-grain cow hides”. This is grade A leather, the strongest and most durable in its class.

Sublime’s Flora and dusk are made from quintessential colours using high-quality Poly-Urethane leather. These spunky clutches are suited for any occasion – perfect for casual and formal use alike.

Pockey’s minimalistic design and size helps to carry all your daily essentials – your cell phone, Cash, Cards, and keys are all easily accessible. A detachable hand wrap allows for a firm grip on your belongings.

You don’t have to worry about damaging Pockey either. According to our Durability Index, Pockey is 5 times more durable than a conventional clutch.
Being vegetable tanned wallets, it ages differently with patina, imparting it the coveted weathered look that makes it a one-of-a-kind accessory that has its own story and more importantly prevent mold formation

According to a Mintel report, Women often spend up to 2000 Dollars on a clutch, with majority of them buying within 300-500 dollars.

We are currently offering our Premium Pockey Clutches at a special discounted price for a limited period – only for early adopters.

This makes Pockey: 
Best in Quality, Eco-friendly, Unique, Highly Secured & Durably made for everyone.
We promise to deliver your Pockey by November or sooner, just in time for Christmas.

Once again, thank you for your support and have a great weekend.