The Value Retail Group is researching a new device called the Life Air Compact Disc. The device which runs on solar and battery power is designed to deliver cool air to kids and pets trapped in overheating cars. The Compact Disc, about the size of an air freshener, contains a cooling gel ring, fan, thermometer and thermal sensor. When the temperature inside a passenger vehicle reaches 78 degrees or higher and thermal sensor detects humans or pets in the vehicle, the device sends a small electrical charge to the cooling gel ring inside the unit. The fan adjacent to the cooling gel ring pushes cool air out the sides and top cap of the device. The device has an adhesive strip in the back and can be attached to most surfaces inside a vehicle. If the thermal sensor does not detect the presence of humans or animals inside the vehicle, the device remains in stand-by mode to prolong battery life.

The LIfe Air Compact Disc runs even when the car engine is switched off. It relies on a solar cell to power the device and provide continuous monitoring of the thermal sensor over extended periods of time which would drain normal batteries. It only take 6 minutes to kill small children and pets left inside an overheating vehicle. Animals have a higher average body temperature than humans, so they succumb to heat inside a hot car, SUV or truck much faster. The Life Air Compact Disc is designed to gives kids and pets more time to be noticed by someone outside the vehicle to get help or have their parents return to the vehicle before the child or animal inside passes out. The Compact Disc will be sold by national retail chains, drug and auto part supply stores when its released.

Later models of the Compact Disc will be designed to send a text message to Parents or Drivers of the car to let them know the Life Air Compact Disc has been activated inside the vehicle.

Currently the Company is running a crowdfunding campaign at to raise money to research and build this important device. You can also review more information about the product on the company’s website at: Share this campaign with your friends and contribute today! The Company has a link to its video, along with charts and graphics that explain its mission and the danger to small children and animals left in hot cars.

About the Company: The Value Retail Group is a woman and minority owned small business based in Jacksonville, FL. The Company is a registered government vendor and exporter. The Life Air Compact Disc is currently under evaluation for grant funding expected to be announced later this year.

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Monica Brown