Vax, a short thriller, is the second film from writer/director Barak Shpiez. In the film, a medical researcher may have found the vaccine for a deadly disease, but realizes his industry doesn’t prioritize saving lives.

While performing routine lab tests on malaria treatment candidates, medical researcher Geoff discovers an abnormal bio sample.  He confers with his supervisor, Eric, whose first response is to assume the sample is contaminated.  A sense of awe and confusion come over them both when they realize the sample might contain the key to a malaria vaccine.

Geoff returns home and confides to his wife Rachel his misgivings about when, if ever, people will be helped by his accidental discovery.  Meanwhile, Eric receives a surprising response when he reports the news up the chain of command.

What they do next will affect the lives of millions.

The film stars Cade Carradine (featured in HBO’s Deadwood), Ricco Ross (featured in James Cameron’s Aliens), and Marguerite Wheatley (featured in Clint Eastwood’s Invictus opposite Matt Damon).

The Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign will support the cast, crew, and film festival run through 2018.


Vax is the second film from writer/director Barak Shpiez.  His first film, Inheritance, has been called haunting (AMC Independent), suspenseful (UK Film Review), and fantastic (  The short was distributed on television by ShortsTV and is now streaming on Amazon Video On Demand.