The project was developed in a very simple way that makes it easy for an idea owner to meet an investor of their own choice and also to carve out the problems that have been around Africa for years, after the evolution of Technology in the continent.

We have lots of talented innovators in Africa and in the world in whole, much of which they have made one or two projects that have the potential of reforming the world for good in the future, but most of these idea owners come from a less-privileged family, which had caused a weakness to their innovation.

Who knows if a mechanic guy has an idea that solves a problem which worth billions of dollars, but just due to the lack of platforms like Vestub, he is been limited to potential opportunity to push the idea.

The Vestub platform is very important because innovators with low influence or from poor background will be able to meet investors interested in their ideas. These innovators have lots of ground breaking ideas, but due to the lack of platform like Vestub which is a social place for idea owners and investors, the ideas are being left to be wasted. With Vestub, lots of people can achieve their goals and become the next future entrepreneurs.

Vestub is a future-proof project. Many idea owners have been looking for a way to present various lucrative ideas to investors for sponsorship. If a platform like Vestub can be supported and encouraged, the problem of not getting an investor or discovering the best ideas to invest on will be solved, which will in every ways encourage talented idea owners in the world in whole to keep inventing and innovating helpful projects. This will certainly decrease the rates of unemployment and empower the present and future generation of the youths.