Once upon a time Peter Gerring had an idea to develop a table top board game inspired by Charles Dickens books and in particular the ‘love him or hate him’ Scrooge character from A Christmas Carol.

One snowy Christmas a few years ago, Peter’s two sons, Jason and Simon, stumbled across an old, homemade card game about the worlds and words of Charles Dickens. It was a game that Peter had created back in the 1980’s. The Gerring family has always believed board games are a wonderful way to bring family and friends together. Their vision is simple:

“We wanted to create a game that brings the world of Dickens and his masterful storytelling to life in a vibrant, addictive and completely hilarious family entertainment experience! We wanted a game that never gets boring and is never the same twice.”

After 4 years planning, thousands of hours in development and with oodles of creativity, heaps of imagination and a stubborn belief in dreaming big, Scrooge – The Board Game – launched on Kickstarter on September 5th. The designs are simply stunning and give a real feel for the period. The video description sets the mood.”The cold winter has begun. Huge fires are lit with blazing logs. Swirling fog engulfs the cobbled streets and twinkling gaslights.

It’s Christmas, yet there is poverty, pollution and danger on every street corner.

It’s the largest city in the world. It’s the world of Charles Dickens’s 19th C London and is where the cold-hearted miser Scrooge lives.”

Scrooge doesn’t know it yet but the only way he can save himself from a life bound in chains…. is if you beat him at his own game!! Deeply immersive, highly interactive and fiendishly funny. It’s a game for families and adults of all ages.

Challenge Scrooge in this unforgettable roller-coaster adventure across the bustling streets of London, full of tricks, traps, trade-offs and moneymaking.

Take on your favourite Dickens’s character and accept the challenge to beat Scrooge at his own game. Powered by 5 decks of colourful cards-Heroes and Villains, Bag of Tricks, Money-Box, Ghosts, Nightmares and Turning-Point Cards. The game board is divided into 56 creatively inspired streets with over a dozen innovative and interactive street mechanics.

It’s a game that will sharpen your mind. And sharpen your wit!

With multiple strategies to victory…how you do it, is up to you!

Can you out-scrooge, Scrooge?

Scrooge – The Mind-Blowing Survival Board Game.
Website: www.scroogetheboardgame.co.uk
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Twitter: @scroogethegame