The TDA smart button is looking to revolutionise the fashion industry.

Antwerp — The TDA Smart Button launches on Kickstarter today; taking on the fashion industry with a ground-breaking exclusive series of snap-on buttons for both Women & Men. Developed by two-time successful Kickstarter creator ExudeLabs, the TDA Smart Button upgrades any outfit so you can stand out from the crowd.

Specially crafted from maple wood and vegetable ivory, each button resembles a unique style factor that truly embodies the next generation of fashion. Looking to raise a conservative funding goal of a thousand euros, ExudeLabs exclusively offers the TDA Smart Button at a 60% discount to Kickstarter backers only, starting at €17 only for a set of three.

“It’s time we think and dress different. Fashion has become so commercialized, we all shop the same clothes from the same brands. We reimagined the next decade of Fashion where personalisation will prevail; and TDA is a necessity in order to stand out” —Sagar, Founder & CEO of ExudeLabs

There’s a TDA for everyone. Designed in the heart of the emerging fashion capital of Europe, Antwerp, the Atelier contains expertise from industry leading stylists to craft perfect buttons that each resemble a unique tone.

Categorized into three buttons each, the team has designed three exquisite drawers for Women and two elegant drawers for Men, so everyone can exude their style with TDA. Aerospace grade magnets are carefully engineered into each handcrafted button to create a strong magnetic field for long lasting durability. It’s extremely simple: choose your style, snap on, snap off. TDA is the element that upgrades your outfit.

“Offline or online, we’re all subject to the same look and appear as clones. TDA is a refreshing concept that will finally spice things up in Fashion, I’m all for it!” —Nirali Malji, Founder of Lacuna Lab Agency

Envisioned to complement any outfit, TDA is the world’s first ever multifunctional fashion accessory. There’s a catch – they’re limited.