He has been sent to avenge the innocent and punish the guilty. Haunting the dark streets of Cape Noire, he is BROTHER BONES: THE UNDEAD AVENGER.

Tommy Bonello is a hitman for crime boss Topper Wyld. When Wyld orders an attack on his own bordello in order to start a mob war, Tommy and his twin brother Jack jump at the chance. However, when an innocent girl is killed in the crossfire, Tommy is tormented with supernatural visions and nightmares. Fearing for his sanity, Tommy renounces his violent ways and becomes a monk. However, Jack and Topper have other plans…

Action packed and thrilling, Brother Bones: The Undead Avenger provides a rich tapestry of unforgettable characters who explore mature subject matter and dark themes. The concepts of betrayal, redemption, sacrifice, consequence, lust, hatred, and honor resonate throughout the script.

“I feel it is more than an action/horror book,” said writer/co-producer/director Erik Franklin, “there are many nuances and ideas that reflect the human condition, with one of the strongest character arcs I have ever read”.

“Brother Bones the Undead Avenger is a character I created over ten years ago,” Fortier recalls. “I just wanted to do my own homage to such great gun-totting vigilantes like the Shadow and the Spider. Little did I realize he would become so popular with our readers. They are forever clamoring for more of his macabre adventures.”

“New Pulp has such untapped potential,” co-founder Erik Franklin said. “There are so many vibrant, original characters that would be perfect for a cinematic adaption. Brother Bones has all that you could want in a story: exciting visuals, well-drawn characters, and each page is a cliff-hanger.”

“When Erik first showed me the book I immediately thought that Brother Bones would make a great movie.” Daniel Husser, co-founder of Franklin-Husser Entertainment LLC, commented. “The story is dark and full of action, so it’s perfect for us. Since we are working with Ron Fortier’s creation, it is absolutely important to us that we stay faithful to the text. Many adaptations tend to change too much, damaging the original concept and we don’t want that to happen.”

“It was very important to us to get Brother Bone’s creator, Ron Fortier, involved with the project. He cares very much about his characters, and he only wants the best products to be associated with Brother Bones and Airship 27.” Erik said. “To that end, we discussed story possibilities at length, and we have determined what we think will be a great cinematic entrance for Brother Bones into the pantheon of cinematic heroes.”

A two minute test video was made and sent to Fortier to view. “It virtually blew me away,” Fortier says. “Erik and Daniel had condensed in just two minutes what it had taken me almost four chapters to establish. They immediately captured the essence of the character and watching him come to life in that clip convinced me these two guys are going to make a fantastic Brother Bones feature. I couldn’t be more excited.”

Brother Bones: The Undead Avenger will be the first movie based on a New Pulp character. There have been movies based on old pulp heroes, such as the cult-classic films The Shadow, and The Phantom, but by backing this you will be getting in on the ground floor of a new movement in cinema.

The film will have a hard “R” rating, due to the violent content. While the book is powerful, it is also full of grisly imagery, frightening sequences, and grim scenarios. As filmmakers and fans of the character, it is our duty to present a faithful adaptation of the story, and doing so will require a harsher rating. The “R” rating does not have the stigma that it once did, in fact many films today that have been critically and commercially successful carry the rating. Logan and Deadpool come to mind, where the content serves the narrative.

David Stoker – Tommy/Jack
Norman Newkirk – Topper Wyld
Christopher Berns- Swede
Josh Kibbey – Reed Vengel
Michael Loudon – Trey Abelard
Nathan Hare – Bobby
Tucker Case – Charlie Sites
Spencer Funk – Pete Hernderson
Nicholas Horiatis – Dan Rains
Ben Leiataua Brother Jonas
Loren Walton – Brother Anthony
Anna Lee Davis – Sheila Henderson
Paige Henderson – Sally Paige
Khoe Tyner – Judy
Krista Johnson – Alexis Wyld
David Shecter – Butch Hammer
Andrew Tribolini – Bugosi
Justin Due – Bruno Sancino
Thurman Kellogg – Harry Beest
Tom Harrahan – Father O’Malley
Jon Palms – Waldo
Michael Raimondi – Paul Castle
Gregory Kleciak – Monroe
Camille Campbell – Sadie

All interested in funding this first in cinema history can discover more about the project at: www.kickstarter.comwww.facebook.com/fhentertainmentllc.

Franklin-Husser Entertainment LLC, is an independent film production company based in Seattle, Washington. Founded by Erik Franklin and Daniel J. Husser, they share a love of escapist cinema, and have decided to create feature films dedicated to bringing exciting tales of action, suspense, and adventure to audiences around the world. With interesting twists on traditional genres, they combines intelligent screenplays with high-impact action. The company primarily produces action, sci-fi, comedy, martial arts and horror films, but keep their minds open to new and exciting ideas and creative possibilities. Their first film, Revenge of the Lost, has secured distribution throughout various territories from Adler & Associates Entertainment, and their second film is in post production, to be released this summer 2017.

Airship 27 Productions is one of the pioneers of the New Pulp Movement and has been in operation for the past ten years producing beautiful quality novels and anthologies featuring both classic public domain and new pulp heroes. www.airship27.com