When it comes to RaspberryPi-driven robots most of us are thinking about little ‘carpet drivers’ for amateur electronics and software lovers. But do you know that even Mars rover prototypes are built using the computer?

After several years of working on mobile scientific robots, a team of four engineers decided to launch their own company and their own product.

Turtle Rover – as this is how they named their newest baby – is a remotely controlled four-wheeled robot designed for Earth exploration as well as programming and electronics projects development.

The rover is designed to work in any conditions, you don’t have to think about the weather or the terrain. Its architecture allows to attach cameras, sensors and your own electronic modules to either its upper platform or inside the rover watertight storage case. With the open-source code published you can easily configure the rover RaspberryPi to your own needs.

Finally you have the opportunity to develop your own projects with the real occasion to use them.

From now on you don’t have to make up where to fit your electronics projects. Just think about how much you can do with the serious and sturdy platform already designed. Want autonomous? Just add proximity sensors or stereovision cameras and with the help of the community write image analysis software to navigate the robot.

Want to use it for science? Add any of of-the-shelf sensors and measuring equipment and stream their recordings live with the already established Turtle WiFi connection.

Use the rover watertight camera to explore places no one discovered before.

Feel free to use the Turtle any way you want and show the projects to the World.

Turtle Rover will be available on Kickstarter in August 2017.

The special Kickstarter edition will be available with extra robotic arm attached starting at a price $1599.

Contact Information:

Turtle Rover by Kell ideas
Email: contact@turtlerover.com
Website: www.turtlerover.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/TurtleRover