At various moments in time, a product comes along that earn the title “Best In It’s Class” and now is one of those moments.

Introducing the all new powerful and compact Zonecase ZC-10 Heavy Bass Earphone.

No more will your heavy bass earphones be lacking crisp & clear mid and high notes.

Packing a brand new sound technology your listening experience will never be the same.

With diligently customized real bass and surround sound effect, this earphone is the best balanced premium sound you will hear.

Using sound modulation technology, we were able to design an earphone with balanced mids & highs and a complimenting potent bass.

The best quality sound from an earphone! The ZC-10 Heavy Bass Earphone is proud to introduce a brand new sound technology – The Sound Pressure Guide Tube Technology.

Using The Sound Pressure Guide Tube Technology, the sound field is located more accurately resulting in lifelike and natural sounds.

The bass is heavy, the mid/high notes are crisp & crystal clear and the performance is distortion free.

With bold and powerful 10mm dynamic drivers customized to perfection, the ZC-10 Heavy Bass Earphone stands in a class by itself.

How great it is to feel like you are right there in the music studio, in the movie or in that video game you are playing.

With the surround sound effect, your listening experience is brought to life in the most realistic way possible.

Music has never sounded better! We used frequency division technique to ensure a more realistic sound.

Musical instrument and voices are separated. With our low frequency strengthening technique, voices will sound more rounded. You will be impressed by the stronger clarity of the music output.

Get the ultimate studio experience without actually being there.

This top quality high resolution audio earphone with a brand new sound technology is a must have for music lovers!

Movie viewing experience on your device has just been enhanced! Through low frequency strengthening and sound separation technology the sense of space is highly enhanced. You will get the surround sound effect the movie makers intend you to hear.

With our focus on a heavy bass you will have the most perfect interpretation of sound resulting in the best cinema experience.

You can therefore immerse yourself in your favorite movie like never before.

You will enjoy the added energy of the game! Imagine hearing every detail of a game scene, every thunderous roar or every screeching tires. The ZC-10 Heavy Bass Earphone brings your game to the next level with a powerful bass and crisp & clear sound detail.

With our new Sound Pressure Guide Tube Technology you will accurately locate the direction of sound.

The sense of reality is enhanced, the scenes are more open and you can capture the true intensity of the game.

We are confident you will never want to use anything else at game time.

The ZC-10 Heavy Bass Earphone by ZoneCase is incorporating a new technology to bring the highest quality premium audio you will ever experience.

ZC-10 Heavy Bass Earphone is the first in the world to use The Sound Pressure Guide Tube Technology, a brand new way to replicate sound.

The transmission characteristics of the sound is the separation of low and mid/high frequency which is realized by changing the radius of the guide tube.

Using this sound conduction technology we are able to enormously strengthen the sound frequency. This is done through precise calculation and experiment incorporating air vibration and sound propagation theory.

These new sound techniques allows us to expand the bass while making sure the mids and highs are crystal clear.

The resulting experience is a balanced high resolution audio output with an emphasis on a great sounding bass line.

With our emphasis on clearly defined sounds we are able to connect your hearing with the original author of the sound intentions.